Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Does anybody else out here cooks?

Main Course

Because I too, pretend that I can

Green Tea Tiramisu

If anyone else is interested...

jaunty off to:


1001 ways to gain back that 300 calories I just lost doing Pilates!


Jay said...

You....can cook?
Don't kill me.

Alex said...

Cook....? Do you mean, actual culinary meccas of achievement cooking, that, in addition to looking fantastic, taste divine? Or are you just going for the great tasting, not necessarily great looking food? If it's the latter, then yes, I too, can pretend to know how to cook! If it's the first... Teach me, sensei...

Joanna (Yin) Lin said...

Jay: I cook a mean Steak, and Salmon ;)

Alex: presentation is 1/2 the skills, but of course, some of my friends could hardly cares. Teach? Just don't plunk down your steak on the plate next time.